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What you Need to Know About Building a Pond

Tips and setup

September 28, 2020

If you are thinking about building a pond in your backyard, you should first consider some things before you make a final decision and start the proceedings. Adding a pond to your landscaping is becoming more popular, and will add value to your home, but did you know, for example, that in order to have a sparking and pristine pond with gorgeously colored fish swimming about, you must do certain things to maintain that look? That is just one of the aspects of being a pond owner that requires some thought.

Before you go out in your backyard with a shovel and start to dig, there is some pondering to do. It goes without saying that the size, depth, and design of the pond you buy should be decided upon well before you purchase the materials needed to make it. You will also want to make your mind up concerning the types of fish or other aquatic life that you want to add to your pond.

You may want to choose a natural pond design, one built and landscaped so as to give the initial impression that the pond has been there for many years. This design can take many forms if the person making it remembers to follow the natural curves and forms of ponds found naturally in nature. Roughly hewn rocks look fantastic in a design such as this, and you can choose plants that are taller and that appear more like what you would see in a nature setting.

You may be more interested in a more formal pond. This design is usually a geometric form, chosen to work well with the design of your house and any outbuildings you may have. Most of the time, it will be symmetrical and have an edge that is either of smooth, flat stone or paved. You can most definitely use plants with this type of pond, but the look is more subtle than the wild plantings more suited to a natural pond. Your formal pond may work best for you if it is raised off the ground, though it does cost more to build this design.

Remember what we spoke of above? We mentioned how maintenance is necessary to keep the water in your pond looking clear and clean. You can cut down a lot on the pond maintenance that would normally be necessary by making use of the EcoBio-Block nsM or the EcoBio-Block Wave products.

Choosing an EcoBio-Block product is one of the easiest methods around for keeping your pond water clear. Both have beneficial bacteria inside of them that will live and reproduce for more than two years. This naturally helps to keep the pond water clear, as these bacteria will also get rid of any organic matter by decomposing it. It also discourages algae which can also discourage mosquito larvae. It is safe for your fish and your plants, and will really save you a lot of time – time that can be spent enjoying the sight and sound of your new pond.