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Decorating Your Aquarium with Rocks

Tips and setup

September 26, 2020

When it comes to decorating your home aquarium, you can be as creative as you like. Many aquarium hobbyists choose to cultivate a fantasy or novelty theme in their tanks, using decorations like sunken pirate ships and castles. Others like to go with a more natural theme, utilizing live plants, rocks and driftwood for decoration. If you prefer a natural appearance in your tank, you might to consider using rocks – rocks of different shape, size and color can be combined in very artistic and creative ways to give your tank a unique yet natural appearance. Read more to learn how to use rocks in decorating your aquarium.

Types of Rocks to Use

The art of decorating an aquarium is called aquascaping – in many ways, it is similar to landscaping because you are creating a design using different décor elements. Rocks are an excellent element for décor because they are easy to come by and they provide a natural appearance to your tank. When it comes to selecting rocks for your tank, you have many different options to choose from – lava rock, natural slate, quartz, river rocks and even small pebbles. If you live near a river or stream, you may be able to find all the rocks you need to decorate your tank without even spending a penny.

Keep in mind that some rocks are better for aquarium decoration than others. You want to choose rocks that are proportionate to the size of your tank and try to find rocks of varying size so they aren’t all the same. Look for rocks that are naturally colored – black, greys and browns are best because they will offset the greens of live plants. Always scrub the rocks well to remove dirt and debris before using them in your tank. You may also want to perform a simple safety test by pouring some vinegar on the rock – if the vinegar bubbles, the rock may contain some element that is not safe to use in your tank.

Arranging Rocks for Decoration

The key to using rocks for decoration in your tank is to get creative – you can start with an idea in mind but give yourself the freedom to experiment. One option is to create a sort of pile or mountain out of different types of rock. If you go with this option, try to put the pile near the back of the tank or in one corner so as not to take up too much swimming space in the center of the tank. Another option is to use rocks to build a cave where your fish can hide. You can also use individual rocks as focal points in the tank – this works best with large or uniquely shaped rocks. For the most effective and natural appearance, combine your rocks with live plants like java fern, anubias and amazon swords.

Other Tips and Considerations

As has already been mentioned, you can do virtually anything you want when decorating your home aquarium. Feel free to use a combination of rocks, plants and driftwood in your tank to create your very own underwater ecosystem. Just be careful not to overcrowd the tank with decorations and do not use anything that might alter the water chemistry in your tank. Another thing you might consider is adding an EcoBio-Stone to your filter or directly into your tank. These stones are all-natural and will enhance the appearance of your tank while also improving the water quality. EcoBio-Stones are infused with beneficial bacteria that will help to establish and maintain the nitrogen cycle in your tank, keeping the water clean and clear for your fish while ensuring that your tank always looks its best.