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See how EcoBio-Block works and how easy it is to use.

Our natural EcoBio-Block creates a clean ecosystem in your water with beneficial bacteria that break down organic waste.

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Paludarium image by Laurent Lebois

EcoBio-Block’s unique formula contains powerful, beneficial bacteria that keep water clear and odor-free.

Starting a new tank or pond and clarifying cloudy aquarium water or pond water is easy with EcoBio-Block (EBB) Family Products.

They are made of a paste mixture containing mineral-rich, porous natural volcanic rock, 100% pure beneficial bacteria spores and special white cement.

EBB bacteria spores start to germinate in water contiaining organic waste, consuming it as food. Beneficial bacteria increases significantly and the different bacteria in the spores continue to germinate at early, middle and late stages. One of these bacteria also produces Iturin , which has strong anti-fungicidal activity.

EcoBio-Block deodorizes and clarifies cloudy fish tanks and ponds. It is unique because the bacteria keep levels of bacteria high, making it unnecessary to add bacteria.

Since the bacteria propagate quickly, EcoBio-Blocks can shorten or eliminate “new tank syndrome.”

With EcoBio-Block family products, fish and other aquatic inhabitants can live in clear, healthy, water for years.

Give your fish clean water

EcoBio-Block helps rapidly oxidize dangerous ammonia first into nitrite and then into safer nitrates.

Nitrates are naturally eliminated by plant absorption, as well as by microbes living in gravel which convert nitrates into nitrogen gas which then evaporates from the tank.

EcoBio-Block encourages the growth of these anaerobic microbes, greatly reducing nitrates in the fish tank or pond. EcoBio-Block’s volcanic stones slowly leach the calcium and trace minerals normally provided by water changes, into the water to create a healthy environment for aquatic life.

Create the healthiest environment for your fish

How to use EcoBio-Block in 3 steps.


Rinse your EcoBio-Block in chlorine-free water.


Soak the EcoBio-Block overnight in chlorine-free water.


Drop the block in your aquarium or pond near the water flow system.

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Clarify your water and give your fish and aquatic life a healthy environment for years to come.

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