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What is EcoBio-Block?

EcoBio-Block is a product made of porous volcanic rock, in the aquarium product (which more quickly and efficiently absorbs pollutants and stabilizes their structure, making it easy for the bacteria to break down organic waste), cement, nutrients for the bacteria, and beneficial bacteria, which are released regularly upon immersion in water. The beneficial bacteria changes the ammonia from fish waste, left-over feed etc. into nitrites and then into safer nitrates, thus clarifying aquarium water, and creating a healthy eco- system. It was originally developed as a natural cleanup system for pesticides, fertilizers, waste water, household waste water and industrial waste water in the environment.

Is EcoBio-Block safe?

Yes, EcoBio-Block is safe for all fish, even delicate ones, as well as other aquatic life such as shrimp, frogs and turtles. The safety and innocuity of EBB Bacteria has been certified according to international criteria.

How do I use EcoBio-Block? Do I just put it in my aquarium?

Rinse the block in chlorine-free water, and soak overnight before placing in aquarium, pond or other water feature.

How long does EcoBio-Block actually take to start working?

It normally takes 2 – 6 weeks for the beneficial bacteria colony to start impacting water conditions. However, due to the fact that live organisms are involved and that conditions in aquariums and ponds vary widely, you will see results as quickly as in two days or in rare cases, it may take as long as 3 months. If your tank is taking longer than normal to show results, we would be happy to extend your warranty, just call us. PLEASE NOTE: In the case of pond products, pond conditions are unpredictable and may need extra product to show results.

How many EcoBio-Blocks do I need for my aquarium, pond or other water feature?

Generally you need one EcoBio-Block Aqua or EcoBio-Stone L per 50 to 100 gallons of water; one EcoBio-Stone M per 15 to 60 gallons of water, one EcoBio-Stone S per 4 to 20 gallons of water, one EcoBio-Planter for 10-25 gallons of water, and one bag of EcoBio- Pebbles for 3 to 20 gallons of water. Please note that the upper limits of the aquarium products are for tanks in good to excellent condition. For tanks with extra fish or in poor condition, please choose the next size up or an additional product. EcoBio-Block nsM comes in a pack of 4 and will treat your pond from 100-400 gallons, depending on the conditions in your water. If conditions in your pond are poor or you have many fish, it may be necessary to add additional product. For larger ponds, we recommend the EcoBio-Block Wave which can treat from 300 gallons to 1000 gallons. The aquarium products are generally effective up to two years. Both the nsM and Wave will be effective for up to three years. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use pond products in aquariums. They are very alkaline and may upset the delicate balance of water in such a limited space. EcoBio-Block Aquarium products have been specially formulated for safe use in home aquariums.

Does EBB remove nitrates?

In the nitrification process, nitrates will begin to accumulate. If there are plants in the tank, nitrates will be used by the plants. Vegetation that grows due to light will also use nitrates. Anaerobic microbes in gravel in an established tank will convert nitrates to NO2, a gas, which will evaporate. If there are no plants or gravel and you want to reduce nitrates quickly, you may have to do a partial water change, however; EBB does encourage the growth of these anaerobic microbes and often you will find low nitrate levels in your tank or pond.

What will EBB do when pH is reduced due to nitrate accumulation?

Nitrification is an oxidative process. It results in lower pH, and loss of alkalinity. However, EBB is contained in a cement block that neutralizes acidity, lessening the likelihood of lower pH. If, however, the pH becomes too low, you will need to do a partial water change. (NOTE: water changes should be done cautiously, as a sudden change in pH level can be very harmful to fish and may be deadly).

What is your return policy?

ONEdersave Products guarantees your satisfaction. Aquarium products purchased at the ONEdersave website can be returned within 120 days of the original delivery, together with original receipt. Pond products may be returned if unused within 30 days, accompanied by original receipt. If the product is broken or the return is because of an error on our part, we will reimburse return shipping costs. For any other reason, shipping costs for the returned items are your responsibility. If you find it necessary to return any items, please call us for a Return Material Authorization number (RMA). We cannot accept returned merchandise without an RMA. Within 7 days of receiving the returned item, the item (less original shipping and handling charges) will be credited back to you in the same manner as your original payment. Please return items in their original packaging. To confirm receipt of your return item, please include your e-mail information.
Please send back to:
ONEdersave Products-Return
C/O Geneva Supply
1250 S. 71st Ave. Suite 900, Phoenix, AZ 85043
For any questions regarding our return policy please contact us at or 607-965-8861.

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