introducing ecoBio-block

Purify your aquarium’s ecosystem and greatly minimize maintenance.

Our natural EcoBio-Block creates a clean ecosystem in your water with beneficial bacteria that break down organic waste.

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Revitalize polluted water

Benefits of using EcoBio-Block

Whether you have an aquarium or a pond, EcoBio-block clears cloudy water with beneficial bacteria.

Made from volcanic rock, the bacteria spores germinate when organic waste exists in water, breaking down the waste and creating a healthy environment.

Clarify cloudy water

Speed up nitrogen cycle

Reduce tank water changes

Maintain high levels of healthy bacteria

Eliminate nasty tank odors

Perfectly safe for tropical fish

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Clear cloudy water and make your aquarium hobby easy and fun.

EcoBio-Block reduces maintenance
in just three steps.

Create the healthiest environment for your fish

Clarify your aquarium water in 3 steps, naturally.


Rinse your EcoBio-Block in chlorine-free water.


Soak the EcoBio-Block overnight in chlorine-free water.


Drop the block in your aquarium or pond near the water flow system.

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Customers everywhere are enjoying their EcoBio-Blocks

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New fish owner here who has spent much $$$ on all sorts of potions for the water. Took the plunge to buy your EcoBio-Block and it made the water crystal clear within three days and normalized the water chemistry in less than a week without doing anything else. We now have a very happy tank with shrimp, snails and fish. I will be buying more and recommending you to others.


I purchased a Medium EcoBio-Stone from you about 4 weeks ago. I was at my wit’s end because I could not get my 29 gal tank to have a crystal clear water. I tried all kinds of water classifiers, bio products, water changes, you name it. Nothing worked as well as I wanted. As a last ditch effort, I went on line and found out about the EcoBio-Stone. I was reluctant because of the price, but decided to give it a try.

Well, the results are nothing short of fantastic. My tank is absolutely beautiful, crystal clear and the fish look extremely healthy. What a great investment!


Had to tell you how amazing your product is. I have a 90-gallon tank with 3 koi and 6 other goldfish, and have had trouble for years maintaining water quality despite having two large filters. I purchased 2 EcoBio-Stone M and within a week, the tank had stabilized, and now the water is crystal-clear.

Awesome product!!

J.F. from new york

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