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How to Make Your Aquarium Look its Best

Tips and setup

September 26, 2020

For many aquarium hobbyists, keeping a home aquarium is about more than just cultivating colorful fish – it is about creating and maintaining a beautiful aquarium that enhances the aesthetics of your home. If you take the time and spend the money to create a thriving aquarium, wouldn’t you want to show it off? Keeping your aquarium in a back room where no one will see it doesn’t do your hard work justice – place your aquarium somewhere where your guests will be able to see and appreciate it. You should also think about how you want to display your aquarium so that it looks its best.

One of the key elements in making your aquarium look its best is to choose the right location. For the sake of convenience, you should avoid placing your aquarium in a location where it might be easily bumped into or knocked over – at the same time, however, you shouldn’t put it in a place where it is so out of the way that you will have trouble performing routine maintenance tasks. Ideally, your aquarium should be in a room that is frequently occupied but not in a location where it might get in the way. The corner of your living room or dining room, for example, might be a good option – if you have an open floor plan in your home, you might also consider using your aquarium as part of a room divider to break up the space.

Aquarium Cabinet

Once you’ve decided where you want to put your aquarium you need to think about how you want to display it. There are many different kinds of aquarium stands to choose from, ranging from simple black metal stands to elaborate aquarium cabinets. Choose something that meshes with the décor scheme in your home or consider building something yourself. You may be able to turn an old cabinet or shelf into an aquarium stand, just be mindful of the fact that your aquarium will be incredibly heavy once it is full of water so be sure to choose something that can support a great deal of weight.

If you don’t already have your aquarium setup, this can be a great opportunity to change the décor in your aquarium to enhance its appearance. As fun as it may be to have novelty décor items like sunken treasure chests and mermaids in your tank, these items can’t compare to the beauty of an authentic, natural-looking aquatic environment. If you truly want to make your aquarium look its best, take the time to do a little research about your fish – find out where they come from, what their natural habitat looks like and what kind of environment they prefer in terms of lighting, plants and substrate. Once you have this information you can use it to recreate the natural environment of your fish inside your aquarium – use sand or gravel substrate to line the bottom of your tank and decorate with live plants, water-worn rocks and pieces of driftwood.

After you’ve done the work of setting up your aquarium to its best advantage all that is left is to keep it looking good. One simple way to achieve this is to install an EcoBio-Stone in your tank. These stones are made from porous volcanic rock and cement and are infused with live beneficial bacteria as well as the nutrients they need to thrive. Once introduced into your tank, these bacteria will multiply and immediately begin working to maintain the nitrogen cycle in your tank, removing harmful toxins and helping to keep your tank water clean, clear and odor-free. When your tank water is clean and clear, it will become the centerpiece of whatever room you keep it in.