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Tips for Taking Photos of Your Aquarium Fish

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September 26, 2020

If you’ve taken the time to set up and cultivate a thriving home aquarium, wouldn’t you want to share it with others? There are more ways to share the beauty of your aquarium than to invite people over to come see it in person – you can also learn how to take stunning photographs of your fish tank. You do not have to be a professional photographer to take beautiful photos of your tank – you just have to learn and follow a few simple tips.

Follow these tips to take beautiful photographs of your fish tank:

  • Try using the macro setting on your digital camera to capture the detail of aquarium fish up-close
  • Experiment with the manual focus setting – taking pictures through aquarium glass can make it difficult for your camera’s auto focus setting to work properly
  • Turn off the flash and stick with natural or tank lighting – using the flash often results in unnatural coloration and it could also produce reflection
  • Experiment with different compositions (placement or arrangement) of your photographs to achieve quality photographs
  • Consider buying or borrowing a quality camera if you do not have one to use in taking photographs of your tank

The more you experiment and practice with your camera, the better your pictures will be. Do not be afraid to take a lot of photos – you can sift through them later to find the best ones. You might also want to try taking your photos at different times of day or using different lenses to get different effects. The type of lens you use will determine how close you can get to the subject and how much of the background is included in the photograph. If you want to take truly stunning close-ups of your fish, you might want to buy a lens hood. A lens hood is a device that you can attach to the lens of the camera to prevent glare – this is especially important when taking pictures through glass.

If you want to take truly stunning photos of your tank, you should first ensure that your tank is in the best possible condition. No one wants to see photographs of green tank water and tank decorations slick with algae – you want to photograph your tank when it is looking its best. In addition to routine maintenance and water changes to maintain water quality, you might also want to think about installing an EcoBio-Stone in your tank. These stones are made from natural volcanic rock and they are infused with beneficial bacteria as well as the nutrients they need to thrive. Adding extra beneficial bacteria to your tank through the EcoBio-Stone will help to maintain the nitrogen cycle, thus keeping your tank water clean and clear in between water changes. They also help to discourage the growth of algae. The clearer your tank water, the better your photographs will be.