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Tips to Decorate Your Fish Tank

Tips and setup

September 28, 2020

A well-decorated fish tank provides great enjoyment with clear EcoBio-Block water.

If you pay a visit to the aquarium aisle at your local pet store, you will likely notice that the tanks are kept fairly sparse. The fish tanks may have a few live or artificial plants but no large decorations – this is to ensure that there is plenty of room to accommodate the fish themselves. If you visit the aquarium at your local zoo, however, you will see something completely different. In zoo aquariums, fish are given complex and beautiful habitats full of authentic detail to simulate their natural environment. Ask yourself which option is more visually appealing – the sparse pet store tanks or the thriving aquatic environment?

Chances are, you prefer the look of an authentic aquatic environment over that of a bare pet store tank. If you want to create a beautiful, natural-looking tank for your fish you need to achieve a balance between leaving the tank too sparse and over-decorating. There are several simple things you can do in order to keep your tank from looking empty or under-decorated:

  • Choose decorations that are proportional to the size of your tank – if you have a large tank but use small decorations your tank will end up looking sparse
  • Do not crowd your tank with too many decorations – choose one large focus piece and several smaller pieces to use around the tank
  • Use decorations of varying sizes – if all of your decorations are the same size your eye won’t be drawn to any particular area of the tank
  • Install live or artificial plants along the back wall of your tank to form a natural backdrop – use tall plants along the wall and shorter plants in front of them to create a layered effect
  • Don’t be afraid to utilize the vertical space in your tank – rather than laying pieces of driftwood flat in the tank, prop them up against the tank walls or build a pile of rocks to draw the eye upward
  • Avoid placing too many decorations in the center of the tank – you want to leave your fish plenty of open space for swimming

If you follow these simple tips you will be able to strike a balance between over- and under-decorating your tank. To help your tank truly look its best, you might also want to think about installing an EcoBio-Stone for crystal-clear water. An EcoBio-Stone is a hassle-free way to boost the biological filtration in your tank. EcoBio-Bloc

k products are infused both with beneficial bacteria and the nutrients they need to thrive. Once installed in your tank, the stone will help to establish and maintain the nitrogen cycle, and make a clean, clear and healthy tank.