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Selecting the Right Fish for Your Pond

Care and maintenance

Caring for fish

September 28, 2020

Once you have successfully built and set up your outdoor pond you may think that the hard part is over. While building your pond may indeed be the most difficult part of the process, you should also put a considerable amount of effort toward selecting the fish for your pond. You cannot simply go to the pet store and purchase a dozen feeder goldfish and expect them to thrive in your pond. There are only a few types of fish that are suited to living in outdoor ponds and each variety has certain requirements. Before you purchase the fish for your pond, perform some basic research to decide which type of pond fish is best for you and for your pond size.

Types of Pond Fish

Colorful koi

When it comes to outdoor ponds, koi are the most well-known species of ornamental fish used for stock. Koi come in a variety of shapes and colors including black, gold, red and orange. These fish look similar to goldfish but grow much larger and exhibit a wider variety of shapes in their fins and bodies. Because they grow to be quite large, koi require a pond capacity of at least 1000 gallons in order to thrive. These fish also require a variegated diet including fresh vegetables, fruit and specially formulated koi foods.

Goldfish come in a variety of shapes and colors which makes them a popular choice as a pond fish. Some of the most popular varieties of goldfish include Comets, Shubunkins and Orandas. Comets come in red, orange and white varieties – the calico varieties are called Shubunkin Comets. Orandas are a type of fancy goldfish known for the prominent hood that develops on top of its head.  In general, goldfish are a hearty species which does well in ponds with adequate filtration and aeration. Most goldfish prefer peaceful or slow-moving water and require a pond capacity of 250 gallons or more to thrive.

Precautions to Take with Pond Fish

Just as you should exercise caution when stocking your home aquarium, be careful when selecting the fish for your pond. Some species can grow very large or may become aggressive around other species. By doing some research before you purchase your pond fish you can prevent a disaster from happening later. Comets, for example, can be aggressive and should not be mixed with most other types of pond fish aside from koi. Goldfish and Orandas are generally peaceful species that can get along with a variety of species.

Tips for Keeping your Pond Healthy

A healthy pond requires routine maintenance in order to keep water quality high. Because goldfish and other pond fish are notoriously high producers of waste, adequate filtration is key to maintaining water quality. To give your pond a boost, consider installing one or more EcoBio-Block Waves. These blocks are infused with beneficial bacteria that multiply naturally to establish a colony in your pond. Once established, this colony of beneficial bacteria will help to break down organic waste products, remove odors and clarify cloudy pond water. While you should still maintain proper filtration and execute regular maintenance procedures, an EcoBio-Block Wave can help to keep your pond clean and healthy for your fish.