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The Importance of Pond Plants

Care and maintenance

September 28, 2020

Water lily

Did you know that plants are an essential element of the ecological system of your pond? Water plants are also an important part of the maintenance of your pond. If you haven’t planned to have plants in your pond, you might want to rethink that decision.

Many people do prefer the rather stark look in pond design, and are very happy with a no-live-plant pond. However, if you do not have plants in your pond, it will soon become full of algae, which is not a pretty sight. The reason for this is that algae vie with the plants for all of the different nutrients that are in the water.

Plants are beautiful, and they can do even more for your pond if you do decide to use them. A varied selection of plants in your pond will help to filter the water by turning the fish waste into food for the plants. Plants will also provide oxygen for your fish, and by covering the surface of the water, will protect your plants from predators. By having plants in your pond, your fish will have a perfect habitat for spawning.

Aquatic plants perform many essential jobs while at the same time adding beauty to your pond. In the daytime, the plants in your pond take in carbon dioxide, and then release oxygen into the air. At night, water plants do the exact opposite, and take in oxygen, then release carbon dioxide into the air.

Mother Nature has her own system for making pond water that has become cloudy clear again, and for purifying water in general. This is done in nature via the use of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria break down the organic waste that any pond naturally will have, and then returns it back from whence it came. You can give Mother Nature a boost by using EcoBio-Block nsM, a product that makes use of this system of nature. The beneficial bacteria live and multiply in the block, and keep your pond populated with beneficial bacteria that will make your pond‘s environment clear and healthy.

The EcoBio-Block nsM and EcoBio-Block Wave does not take the place of plants. Nor does it take the place of proper pond maintenance. What it will do is cut down on the amount of maintenance that your pond will need. The block decomposes organic matter, which clarifies the water in your pond so that it is beautiful and clear, while eliminating odors . The nitrifying bacteria in the Eco-Bio Block nsM establishes itself quickly in new pond setups as well as in ponds that have been in place for some time.

You’ll find that the Eco-Bio Block nsM is easy to use. All you must do is rinse the block well and soak it in a container overnight, then place it in your pond near anywhere the water is flowing. An Eco-Bio Block nsM will give you more than 2 years of improved water quality in your pond. Since the Eco-Bio Block nsM was originally used in Japan to clear up pollution in rivers, canals, and even the ocean, it will do an amazing job for you in your backyard pond.