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EcoBio-Block Wave



Specially shaped to create water movement to increase dissolved oxygen level, for use in run off water channels, such as canals, streams, lakes, marshes, and rivers. EcoBio-Block Wave’s unique formula contains special beneficial bacteria that clarify cloudy pond water, and streams, keep water clear, and create a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

Product details:

Dimensions (in.):

15.35 x 7.48 x 3.54

Tank capacity (gal.):

300 to 1000

Weight (lb.):


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Easy to use in just 3 simple steps

Makes cloudy fish tanks clear and healthy

Minimize aquarium maintenance: Lasts for up to 2 years

Removes smelly tank odors

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Safe for all fish, shrimp, frogs, and turtles

Speeds up the nitrogen cycle

EcoBio-Block Wave naturally creates clear pond water and maintains a natural ecosystem for streams and large ponds.


  • Naturally clarifies cloudy water in streams and ponds.
  • Decomposes organic matter.
  • Significantly decreases pond maintenance by reducing the need for pond cleaning and water changes.
  • Quickly establishes nitrifying bacteria in new ponds.
  • Remove odors.
  • Beneficial bacteria and nutrients are sealed in a live and propagable state, eliminating the need to add liquid or powder bacteria.
  • Lasts for more than 2 years.
  • Safe for all fish, frogs, turtles etc. (certified under international safety standards).
  • Takes approximately 2 - 6 weeks for results under normal conditions.


  • IMPORTANT - Do not use this product in your aquarium. It is NOT formulated for use in aquarium tanks.