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I purchased the EcoBio-Stone three months ago because my tank was so cloudy I couldn't see the background. For two
months there was no observable change, and I really thought the stone was worthless. Then, one morning the water was so clear it looked drinkable. Since then, I haven't had to do any weekly water changes, the fish seem happier and even the plants look better.
I'm glad I had patience and let the stone do its job. I'm sold on your product! I'm thrilled with the EcoBio-Block and have been recommending it to everyone.
Posted By: Jane, Staten Island, NY
Every time I look at my aquarium I smile and think of what a smart buy I made,,, Ask me for a reference any time. I have three happy Koi and a happy aquarium. Your product works wonderfully.
Posted By: TC from Reno
Just thought I would give an update on my tanks. As always the water in my 75 goldfish tank is perfect. I didn't do a water change for 5 weeks. Just wasn't up to it. I really thought the water would be horrid but it was still well within parameters.
Everyone raves about my tank, the water clarity, the plants and of course the fish.
Thanks again for such a wonderful product.
Posted By: J. Armstrong - from Canada
Just thought I'd let you know, my first blocks are wearing out but they lasted close to 4 yrs...will this product ever be sold in stores ?
great product
Posted By: George from Colorado
My EcoBio-Block works like a charm. I have fancy goldfish so you can imagine the "dirt" they put into a tank. Everyone is shocked that I have perfect water, plants that are growing and extremely healthy fish. I have a 7"( not including finnage) oranda/ryukin cross that was suffering from flipping and head standing. About two weeks after I put the block in both symptoms reduced greatly. The only thing that changed was the addition of the EcoBio Block. Instead of doing weekly water changes I now can leave it two to three weeks. I could more than likely leave it longer but after weekly changes it is hard to believe that the tank could go longer than three weeks. Old habits die hard.
The pebbles in my African Dwarf Frog tank have done wonders for the frogs. The male is now singing every night, the plants have taken off and the ghost shrimp (in there as the clean up crew) are breeding.
The other box of pebbles I purchased are in my quarantine tank. Since they have been added none, not even one of the new fish have required treatment. The only issue with the pebbles and goldfish is that they like to play with them. When it is getting close to feeding time they spit the pebbles at the front of the aquarium.
I am very pleased with the results and am recommending them to anyone I know with aquariums.
Please feel free to use any of the above in your testimonial section.
Posted By: J. Armstrong - from Canada
Love my EcoBio-Stone. I had green algae terrible in my 30 gal. tank. I put the rock in and it helped a little. Than I did a complete water change. Put the rock back in and has been crystal clear since and I only have to do water changes every 3-4 weeks but nitrate and nitrite are still in safe range. I have way to many fish in my tank but it looks perfect. Thank you so much for such a great product. We almost gave up on our fish tank. I will be ordering a couple more stones soon for smaller tanks my husband wants to start now. Again your product is wonderful. The water is crystal clear and my fish are very happy. Thank you.
Posted By: Karen, NV
One of EcoBio-Stone's owners was so thrilled with how clear her water is and how well her Flowerhorn is doing, that she sent in a video of her prized pet. Click to watch Flowerhorn with EcoBio-Stone Video
Posted By: Administrator
My water is so clear that it looks drinkable-It sure does make a difference-I will have to get online and tell people of my experience with the rock-I am thinking of buying another because of the sparkling water. Will get back in touch with you when ready-Thank you so much for taking time to e-mail me and convince me of what the rock can really do. Thanks again and you have a nice day."
Posted By: Ron Smith
Had to tell you how amazing your product is. I have a 90-gallon tank with 3 koi and 6 other goldfish, and have had trouble for years maintaining water quality despite having two large filters. I purchased 2 EcoBio-Stone M and within a week, the tank had stabilized, and now the water is crystal-clear. Awesome product!!
Posted By: J.F., New York
I don't know if you remember me: I am Portuguese and you've sent me two EcoBio-Blocks. I just want to tell you that it's an amazing product and I am very pleased with it. I almost forgot what a fish tank cleaning is!
Posted By: A.V. from Portugal

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