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Water Quality Test Using EcoBio-Block Products


Originally developed for environmental use, EcoBio-Block was modified for use in aquariums. Results from water quality test in the laboratory and in our own home aquarium are documented below. With EcoBio-Block, high water quality was retained, keeping water clear, clean, odor-free and healthy.
Water quality was tested in two identical aquariums, one with and one without EcoBio-Rock. Both contained 20 freshwater fish. Aquarium with EcoBio-Rock showed significant water quality improvement. Picture was taken after 134 days.

EcoBio-Rock showed significant water quality improvement

      With EcoBio-Rock                          Without EcoBio-Rock


Our In-House Test
Every month, from November 27th, 2006 to October 3rd. 2008, a photo was taken of our home aquarium after adding EcocBio-Block. Maintenance was very minimal. As you can see, the aquarium water remained clear and fish healthy.

Aquarium water remained clear and fish healthy with EcoBio-Block

   November 27th, 2006         June 27, 2008                     October 3rd, 2008
Fish Species: Longear Sunfish, Orange-spotted sunfish and Pumpkin Seed - 12 fish in 20 gal. tank, ranging in size from 4" to 7". We started the tank with three plants, but the fish gradually nibbled them away, so we took the stumps out. We put background paper behind the glass for aesthetics. In June, we decided to add back a few plants for aesthetics (and for nibbling!)