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Saltwater tanks have special needs and the need for calcium is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment for your fish. Consider using kalkwasser to maintain proper calcium levels in your tank.

saltwater_tankIf you are used to keeping a freshwater tank, making the switch to a saltwater tank can be quite a challenge. Not only do you have to get used to new fish and tank equipment, but you also have to learn about a different set of water parameters. While many freshwater fish species can tolerate minor changes in water temperature or chemistry, some saltwater fish are highly sensitive to changes. Saltwater fish are also very sensitive to the mineral content of tank water. If there is not enough calcium, for example, your fish may not thrive. To prevent this from happening, consider using kalkwasser to maintain proper calcium levels in your tank.

What is Kalkwasser?

Kalkwasser is a solution of calcium hydroxide that has been dissolved in water. It is widely used by saltwater aquarium hobbyists to replenish depleted calcium stores in tank water. As water evaporates from the tank, the calcium level in your tank naturally declines. German for “lime water,” kalkwasser is effective in increasing calcium content in tank water without drastically affecting the pH or alkalinity of the water. This solution may provide additional benefits such as encouraging pink coralline algae growth and improving the buffering capacity of tank water.

Using Kalkwasser

You cannot simply add kalkwasser to your saltwater tank and hope that it has the desired effect. Adding too much kalkwasser to the tank at once can result in significant changes in water chemistry that would likely have a negative impact on your fish. Rather, it is best to add kalkwasser to the tank in small doses over time. To achieve this, saltwater aquarium hobbyists utilize one of two methods. The first method is to add kalkwasser when mixing the saltwater you use for water changes. This method can be effective as long as you mix the water within one day of using it – it may be difficult, however, to achieve the proper dosage.

A more exact method involves the use of a dosing pump or calcium reactor. These devices administer regulated doses of kalkwasser into the tank, often through a drip method, to replace the calcium store of tank water as it is depleted. If you are on a budget, a dosing pump is the more affordable option and you should be able to find them in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. If you have a very large or heavily stocked tank, a calcium reactor may be a better choice for you because it will be able to achieve more precise dosages. Regardless which device you choose, you must continue to test and monitor the calcium levels in your tank on a regular basis.

Other Tips and Considerations

Though it is not mandatory for saltwater aquarium hobbyists to use kalkwasser in their tanks, it is certainly an effective means of maintaining high water quality. If you are looking for other simple ways to keep your water quality high and your tank water clean, consider adding an EcoBio-Stone to your tank. These stones are made from natural volcanic rock, infused with beneficial bacteria and the nutrients needed to support them. Once you introduce an EcoBio-Stone into your tank, the bacteria will rapidly multiply and work to establish and maintain the nitrogen cycle resulting in cleaner, clearer tank water. In conjunction with the use of kalkwasser, an EcoBio-Stone is an easy way to maintain the water parameters in your tank.

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