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Live aquarium plants are a beautiful addition to your tank, but require some basic maintenance to keep them healthy.

planted-aquariumIf you want to achieve an authentic look with your freshwater tank you should consider adding live aquarium plants. Not only will live plants transform the appearance of your tank but they will also provide numerous benefits such as increasing the oxygen level in your tank and helping to combat algae growth. While cultivating a planted tank is a rewarding experience it can also be a challenge and you may run into problems with your plants at one time or another. Luckily, many problems with aquarium plants are easily solved.

Plants Losing Color

One of the most common problems aquarium hobbyists encounter when cultivating a planted tank is having their live plants turn yellow. This problem is likely due to a lack of light but it could also be the result of nutrient deficiency. To deal with this problem, try upgrading to a more powerful full-spectrum bulb or replace your lighting system entirely. A planted tank requires at least 3 to 5 watts of light per gallon in order to thrive because plants are photosynthetic organisms and they use light as energy. Another possibility is that your plants are not receiving enough nutrients to foster healthy growth. In this case, all you need to do is fertilize your plants with root tabs or put down a layer of laterite or some other fertilizer beneath your aquarium substrate.

Weak Plant Growth

Another problem you might encounter when cultivating live plants is that your plants are weak or spindly – this problem may coincide with yellowing of the leaves or stems. The most common cause for this problem is insufficient lighting. If your plants look healthy when you first install them in the tank but they slowly become weak or spindly in their growth, the chances are good that the tank they were kept in previously had better lighting. Simply increase the lighting in your tank and this problem should go away.

Black Algae on Plants

If you do not maintain your tank properly, you may notice the leaves of live plants slowly turning black – this is not some kind of disease but rather a type of algae that has begun to grow due to poor tank conditions. The most common cause for this problem is excess phosphate in the tank which is generally caused by inadequate tank maintenance. Live plants require certain nutrients including nitrogen, potassium and phosphate to grow but when nutrient levels in the tank get too high, it could end up causing problems. Live plants are not the only things that require these nutrients to grow – algae will also thrive in tanks where nutrient levels are high. You may not be able to solve this problem by just scrubbing the algae away. You will have to perform a large water change to improve the water quality in your tank and then keep up a regular maintenance schedule, performing 15% water changes on a weekly basis.

Live aquarium plants make an excellent addition to any freshwater tank and, with a few basic preparations, they are fairly easy to maintain. A simple way to ensure that your live plants thrive is to incorporate an EcoBio-Stone or two in your tank. EcoBio-Stone are made from natural zeolite and crushed stone. It is infused with beneficial bacteria which, upon being introduced into your tank, will help to establish and maintain the nitrogen cycle. Not only will these bacteria maintain the nitrogen cycle, but they will also help to control nutrient levels and to improve water quality, thus making your tank a healthier environment for live plants. If you want to cultivate a healthy and thriving planted tank, consider adding an EcoBio-Stone to your tank!

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