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There are a variety of filters available for your aquarium, but one of the best kinds to use, especially in a 40 gallon or larger tank, is the canister filter.

Especially for new aquarium hobbyists, selecting a filtration system for a freshwater aquarium can be a difficult task. If you know nothing about aquarium filtration you might end up picking the first filter you see or you could fall victim to poor advice given by pet store staff that have little education or experience related to keeping aquarium fish. If you are willing to do a little bit of research; however, you will find that while there are a variety of options available in aquarium filtration, a few of these options stand apart from all the rest – one of those options is the canister filter.

What is a Canister Filter?

canister filters for aquariumCanister Filters

A canister filter is an all-in-one external filtration system that incorporates mechanical, chemical and biological filtration in one device. These filters typically take the form of a rectangular or cylindrical canister – the housing for which this type of filter is named – which houses the pump and the filtration media. Most canister filters are completely external and feature two tubes sticking out from the top of the canister. One of these tubes is the intake tube which, in conjunction with the filter pump, draws aquarium water up from the tank and into the canister, filtering it through the filter media to remove both solid and dissolved wastes. The second tube, the outlet tube, simply facilitates the return of filtered water to the aquarium. Because canister filters are completely sealed they essentially act as a vacuum, creating a siphon effect that makes it possible for the pump to continue to lift water out of the tank regardless of its position relative to the height of the tank. This feature makes it incredibly easy to conceal canister filters – they can be kept out of the way in an aquarium storage cabinet.

Benefits of Canister Filters

Perhaps the biggest benefit of canister filters over other filtration systems is that they are capable of accommodating a very large quantity of filter media. In addition to the traditional sponge material and activated carbon media, you have the option to use extra filter media like EcoBio-Pebbles. EcoBio-Pebbles are made from a combination of porous volcanic rock and cement which is then infused with live beneficial bacteria as well as the nutrients these bacteria need in order to thrive and maintain the nitrogen cycle in your tank. These pebbles can be put in a mesh bag and then placed inside your canister filter to help jump-start the nitrogen cycle and to keep your aquarium water clean, clear and odor-free.

Another benefit associated with canister filters is that, because they are external, they do not take up valuable space inside your aquarium like some power filters and undergravel filters do. Canister filters can be hidden away in a storage cabinet which means that not only are they not an eyesore, but they can also be disconnected from your tank for maintenance or cleaning without any extra hassle. Overall, canister filters are an excellent choice for large freshwater tanks having a capacity of 40 gallons or more. Though most canister filters are designed with larger tanks in mind, some models are available which are specifically intended for smaller tanks. If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-use filtration system for your freshwater tank, consider purchasing a canister filter and see what a difference it can make for you and for your fish.

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