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Children and aquariums go together, but the combination may require some extra considerations. You want their experience to be fun, educational and successful, so here are some tips to help you out.

aquarium with a girlIt's easy to see that aquariums for kids are always extremely popular. For proof, take a look anytime you are out in public where aquariums are located. Doctor's offices, especially pediatricians, often have aquariums, and you will usually see kids flocked around the tank observing the fish as they wait for their appointments. Pet stores are another place where you will see children. They will be gathered around the assorted aquariums and enjoying the swimming fish, seemingly hypnotized by them. This love of aquariums for kids can also extend into your home. You may even choose to place a fish tank in your child's room.

There are several things that parents of these children who enjoy observing the aquatic life that goes on in fish tanks should know before bringing an aquarium into their home. Too many parents believe that caring for the aquarium should be the child's responsibility. While this is true, very young children will not be able to do what is required, and also have a tendency to overfeed the fish without close supervision. Parental homework is necessary to avoid a fishy tragedy that could traumatize an impressionable child.

What should you know before bringing an aquarium for your kids into your home? First of all, don't assume that because your child is small, a larger aquarium would not be suitable for them. Parents need to know that the bigger the tank, the better! Though most aquarium novices don't realize it, the fact is that larger aquariums are easier to maintain than the small ones that hold less than ten gallons of water.

If the aquarium will be in the child's room, or in a room where playtime takes place, you may want to think twice about purchasing a tank made from glass, which of course is breakable. An acrylic aquarium is much more suited for a space where children will be present.

You will of course want tank decor. Children enjoy and appreciate bright colors, and you will find many of these colors when shopping for gravel and plants. It is better for all concerned to choose tank decor that is similar in color to the areas that fish in the wild call home. The fish will be happier, and there will be less of a chance that a child will be tempted to remove any of the decor because the color appeals to them.

Now that you have brought home your aquarium and its accessories, don't give in to your children's pleas to go and buy fish for it immediately! Water quality is crucial when it comes to a healthy environment for fish. In order to create that environment, the tank must be set up and the filter allowed to operate for several days. This gives the water a chance to aerate, and also helps the temperature in the tank to stabilize.

The size of the aquarium you chose will dictate how many fish you will be able to add to it. The general rule for newbies to the aquarium hobby is one inch of fish for every gallon of water. However, at first, you only need three inexpensive fish like goldfish to help your tank cycle. After three weeks, you can then add more fish if your water quality is of sufficiently good quality.

If you are using tap water to fill your new aquarium, you will need to add a product that removes the chlorine, ammonia and other matter from the water. There are many such products available, both in liquid and tablet form. One product that will save you much tank maintenance time, and also help you to reduce the length of time you will have "New Tank Syndrome" is the EcoBio-Block Products. It is a perfect accessory to add to aquariums for kids. There are good bacteria living in these blocks, which help to keep the tank water crystal clear and odor free. These bacteria grow and multiply for a two-year period of time, keeping the water quality as well as the fish healthy. If you want an aquarium for kids that is always inviting and clean, check out the EcoBio-Block.

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