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Saltwater fish tanks are a beautiful addition to any décor, but they can be a little intimidating for the beginning aquarist. Taking the process one step at a time however, will make the project much easier to handle and implement.

nemoSaltwater Aquarium with Nemo

For many of us, having a saltwater aquarium would be like having a dream come true. However, we have been either scared away from owning what we would really like to have by some of the things we have read about having this type of tank, or heard from others about the woes of keeping saltwater fish. The beginner’s saltwater aquarium need not be a scary proposition!

What will be needed for the beginner’s saltwater aquarium? You need the aquarium itself, any kind of decorations you want in the aquarium and the right kind of filtration for a salt-water tank. This filtration may or may not include protein skimming. You will need the proper type of lighting apparatus and intensity that is not only suitable for marine fish, but also the type that will fit the tank you have selected.

The size of the tank that is chosen for a beginner saltwater aquarium can make quite a difference in the general health and well-being of the fish that live inside. It is important to remember that a larger tank is actually better for someone who is just starting out. One reason for this is that it has been proven that you cannot place as many fish in an aquarium prepared for saltwater fish.

The tank densities of each aquarium will of course vary, depending on the amount of salt and other substances in the water and the type of filter that is used to keep the water clean and clear. The best kind of filter for a beginner’s saltwater aquarium is one that uses biological, chemical, and mechanical filters together as a system.

It is easiest of all to start out with an aquarium that is going to be a marine-fish only tank. With just fish, you do not need to make the decision on whether you are going to keep live rock in your tank, or turn your tank into a small coral reef system. Crabs, corals, and sea anemones all require a different level of care. Marine fish alone can be relatively easy for a hobbyist to raise and keep healthy.

In order to keep marine fish in a saltwater aquarium, you are going to have to mix in some aquarium salt when you first set your tank up. With the use of an instrument called a hydrometer, it is easy to measure the water content in an aquarium to see if it has too much or too little salt.

What it is necessary to remember is that though the care can be very similar for both marine and freshwater fish, the requirements to keep them healthy can be quite different.  One thing remains the same, however, and that is the need for a bacteria culture in the saltwater tank as well as the freshwater.

These friendly bacteria can allow you to add a few more fish than your saltwater aquarium would be normally be able to handle without going into waste overload. The bacteria can also help you to keep the water quality in your tank clean and clear by constantly growing, multiplying and sending out new beneficial bacteria every thirty minutes that keeps the mulm from growing and seemingly multiplying out of control. Where can you get a salt-water tank accessory that will do all this for you and your aquarium?

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