How EcoBio-Block Clarifies Cloudy Aquarium and Pond Water

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EcoBio-Block's unique formula contains unique and powerful beneficial bacteria that keep water clear and odor-free, and create a healthy environment for fish for years.

EcoBio-Block clears cloudy aquarium Starting a new tank or pond and clarifying cloudy aquarium water or pond water is easy with EcoBio-Block (EBB) Family Products. They are made of a paste mixture containing mineral-rich, porous natural volcanic rock, in the aquarium products (which more quickly and efficiently absorbs pollutants and stabilizes their structure, making it easy for the bacteria  to break down organic waste), special cement, nutrients for the bacteria, and beneficial bacteria sealed in a live and propagable state.

When EBB bacteria come in contact with water, they immediately propagate, releasing millions of EBB bacteria that multiply every half hour. The beneficial bacteria then degrade organic matter. This deodorizes and clarifies cloudy fish tanks and ponds. EcoBio-Block is unique because the bacteria live and multiply in the block, making it unnecessary to add new bacteria for about 2 years. (Pond product lasts up to 3 years.) Because the bacteria propagate quickly, EcoBio-Blocks can shorten or eliminate "new tank syndrome".

EcoBio-Block Family Products help to rapidly oxidize dangerous ammonia first into nitriteand then into safer nitrates. Nitrates are naturally eliminated by plant absorption, as well as by microbes living in gravel which convert nitrates into nitrogen gas which then evaporates from the tank. EcoBio-Block encourages the growth of these anaerobic microbes, greatly reducing nitrates in the fish tank or pond. EcoBio-Block's volcanic stones slowly leach the calcium and trace minerals normally provided by water changes, into the water to create a healthy environment for aquatic life.

With EcoBio-Block Family Products, fish and other aquatic inhabitants can live in clear, healthy water for years

EcoBio-Block's beneficial bacteria effectively decompose organic matter and maintain the nitrogen cycle for years Beneficial bacteria in EcoBio-Block multiply and disperse into surrounding waters. The beneficial bacteria effectively decompose organic matter and maintain the nitrogen cycle for years, clarifying cloudy aquarium and pond water.

Characteristics of EBB Bacteria

  • Can be used in both fresh and saltwater.
  • Safe for all fish and other aquatic life. Viable pH level: pH 3 – pH 11 (viable from strong acid to strong alkaline condition).
  • Effective propagable water temperature: 50 – 149°F (the most active temperature is from 77°F to 140°F.)
  • Viable in both air and water.

Safe to Use

EBB bacteria are pure bacillus subtilis bacteria. They are safe microorganisms with a determined DNA sequence. (10 million bacteria per EcoBio-Stone M size.
The safety and innocuity of EBB bacteria have been certified according to international criteria.

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