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Why fish?

Our interest in fish began when we built a small koi pond in our garden in Long Island, NY. Nursing them through cold winters, hot summers, water changes and cleanings, we experienced the challenges of raising fish as well as the joys of watching them grow! After relocating to greener pastures in Central New York (85 acres, 2 ponds, and a stream!), we became friendly with a local fish farmer. With his help and encouragement, we started a fish business as a sideline raising trout, bass, and koi.

Pond in the fall

One of our ponds in the Fall season.

fish tank with EcoBio-Block

Our 7000 gal. fish tank where 2000 fish live.

How we found EcoBio-Block:

Shinzo is originally from Japan. A few months before visiting his mother in Tokyo for her birthday, he spotted information about EcoBio-Block on the web. Always interested in “things fish”, he contacted the Japanese manufacturers, got a sample, and tried it out in our aquarium. Amazed by its results, he made arrangements to meet with the manufacturers in southern Japan during his upcoming travels. Fortunately, he and the company heads “hit it off,” and they agreed to let him bring EcoBio-Block to the U.S. and Canada as the exclusive distributor.

ONEdersave is now receiving inquiries about EcoBio-Block from far and wide (from Dubai to India!). We believe that this product will have a major impact in the fish field. It saves time, money, labor, and lots of water by keeping water clear, odor-free and healthy from environmental applications to ponds to your home aquarium.

As our motto says: Clear water – healthy fish!

Area where EcoBio-Block come from

Nearby the hot spring where EcoBio-Block came from in southern Japan.

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